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Strawberry Bed is Almost Complete

This project is much further along than this post, but I have been sidetracked by that thing called “LIFE”. Hopefully, social media will catch back up with reality. We have decided not to add a high tunnel to this area, just for the simple fact that new adventures seem a little more important right now, plus I’m not a real farmer!

So, check out the video! The second picture is what the new garden space looks like as of today.



Materials Needed for Strawberry Garden

Before you get started reading this, I must tell you it’s a long story. Luckily, for you long stories are not my strong point, so to keep it simple and effective, the story will be told like this:

  1. Rebuild of the strawberry beds
  2. New area, same dirt
  3. New strawberries
  4. New Gravel
  5. New area, same fence
  6. Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Freeze is my motto


Strawberry Plants

So, we decided to rearrange our strawberry beds in order to do the following:

  1. add more strawberries
  2. make more room for a high tunnel
  3. add more variety

As of today, the plan is working, and we are close to finishing the strawberry beds. Our new plants will be arriving early next week, so we will start planting them next week.wp-1486057512229.jpg The goal is to get enough strawberries to make it through the winter. We started counting last year by the gallon, but as usual, we became “side tracked” and forgot to keep it up throughout the summer. The entire process is complicated, but the one motivator is seeing some of the plants from the last few years look so perfect. We have been growing food and berries for about 12 years now. The entire idea started because we were tired of spending money on vegetables and berries. We moved into a new house eight years ago, so we lost a little time in terms of growing, but we are at the point now where we are freezing enough berries to eat off all year.