Fat Bike


My wife gave me strange looks as I was trying to persuade her that two FAT BIKES were needed. It took me months to persuade this was the best resolution to my addiction, otherwise, the craziness would take over and that I would not, or could not be responsible. So, after borrowing against my allowance for a year, my second FAT BIKE is finally paid off, but I have been enjoying the benefits of it for a year – love it when a plan comes together.

So, the purpose of this post and video is to tell you that YOU NEED TWO BIKES. Yes, if you are reading this, you may already have a few bikes, but the question is “do you have two FAT BIKES?” changeup


Riding a fat bike may seem like an unusual activity to most, but to me, it something that just make sense. Not being a person of serious danger, such as downhill riding, the bike works great for me because I can get exercise, as well as ride around enjoying the day.


Before you watch the video, please understand that I am not affiliated with the Surly bike company. After seeing one of these bikes four years ago, I knew that I needed one, or as my wife says, wanted one. As of today, there are three fat bikes in my house. The goal is to get one more for my wife to use as her “greenway” bike. So, the video below is me riding in six inches of snow, not a wet snow, but it is snow. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, and there will be a video of me riding my bike in a heavier snow.
The ability to lower your tire pressure on a Fat Bike was another reason I chose to buy this bike. With this feature, along with the wide tires, I am able to ride through snow, sand, mud, and rocks without a problem. It takes a little “peddle power” but it is worth it in the end.