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Apple Pie

We are lucky enough to know a person who has plenty of apple trees. So, in the fall, we pick the apples and can them in order to have apples all year. We add cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla to give it some flavor. When it’s time to fix a pie, we just open a jar and put it in a pie crust. The only problem today was that I only had one pie crust, so I readjusted my cooking technique.

apple pie.png

Two Bikes are Better Than One

My wife gave me strange looks as I was trying to persuade her that two FAT BIKES were needed. It took me months to persuade this was the best resolution to my addiction, otherwise, the craziness would take over and that I would not, or could not be responsible. So, after borrowing against my allowance for a year, my second FAT BIKE is finally paid off, but I have been enjoying the benefits of it for a year – love it when a plan comes together.

So, the purpose of this post and video is to tell you that YOU NEED TWO BIKES. Yes, if you are reading this, you may already have a few bikes, but the question is “do you have two FAT BIKES?” changeup