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KALE SOUP … the 3 part series

This was my first time making a “so called” instructional video. Many of the instructions were left out, not thought of at all, or put together as one … who knows?!?! Either way, the Kale Soup was delicious, and it will be made again. Here is a list of things I “threw” into the pot: white potatoes, butternut squash, vegetable broth, onions, split peas, white beans, black beans, and a lot of seasoning. Oh yeah, and some KALE.

Kale soup

My Secret Weapon is a FAN!

I use to follow the directions of others in term of grilling my pizza, but now, I keep the temperature around 450 degrees using indirect heat while cooking it for about 20 mins. This seems to work for me because I’m not in a hurry most of the time. The FAN is my secret weapon when the temperature either is lowering, or when I want to get the grill hot in a hurry. Nothing fancy, just a guy with his grill and a FAN.