Get Lucky Sometimes #myPOVnotFACTS

Hard work creates additional opportunities for people in general, but sometimes, people just get lucky.

Throughout my journey, my work ethics have been top notch. The effort put forth between the ages of 16 – 30 has given me the opportunity to achieve a number of goals in my life. Of course, my hard work has not altered much since the age of 30, but the ability to “play” a little more in life has been occurring.

At one time in my life, I was a “master teacher” for a public television station. The entire situation was more of the “right place, right time” for me. There was a professional development opportunity through the television station offered to teachers, and I signed up for it. The workshop looked interesting, and there was an offer of something FREE at the end, so I attended. After attending three or four sessions, the idea of my being a presenter entered into my mind.lottery ticket

So, after the conference, the decision to sign up to become a presenter was easy.  There was an application, a letter of reference needed, and some other requirements needed in order to become a presenter. That Monday between classes, and maybe even during classes, the arrangement of materials  were organized in order to complete the task of becoming a presenter. This was not a difficult endeavor, but it did take a little effort and organization on my part.

Not sure when there was contact about presenting with the television station, but it happened. This responsibility of becoming a “master teacher” began the next semester. Now, this was important because it gave me the chance to help other teachers with  incorporating video and technology into their lessons. This entire scenario continued for about five years with me giving between two and three presentations a year. Being “lucky” enough to get this work, allowed me to broaden my skills as a speaker and a teacher. I also met great people, who shaped me into the individual I am today. Once again, “lucky” is the word used because not everyone gets the good fortune to be a “teacher” and a “student” simultaneously.

Oh yeah, it was a paying “gig”, so that was even better!




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