Size Matters #myPOVnotFACTS

Minutes before a parent / teacher conference, the discussion of “size matters” came up with some colleagues one school year.

“She may not be able to fit in that chair?” was my comment.

“You think?” was the response of the colleague.

The above statements made me realize that people fail to see the world through the eyes of others. The individual we were discussing was a parent. The classroom was set up for a meeting with four teachers, a parent, and the child of the parent. All of the desk were student desks. The key word being “student”, and I didn’t feel the parent would be able to fit in the student desk. Four other teachers didn’t recognize this or seem to understand the concern.20170725_080705

For the most part, this was the routine. A semi circle of chairs was set up to talk about student ability, behavior, or any other concern.  In most situations, this wasn’t a problem, but on this day, there was a concern. After a brief conversation, we decided to rearrange the student desk, as well as add a couple of tables to the semi circle.

Overall, the meeting went well, but the most important aspect of this meeting was the fact the parent felt comfortable. This simple decision to make sure we had adequate space was a success. So, in my opinion, size matters in terms of students and people being comfortable.

Now, hopefully this post didn’t offend anyone. We all know that people come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. The realization of the fact that everyone is unique has given me a better insight on numerous situation in my life. I’m just glad that those in my circle decided to listen to my suggestion on this day.

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