Growth is Difficult #myPOVnotFACTS

We live in a world that markets individual growth, but at the same time individual enhancement becomes a threat to society.  During my lifetime, there have been systems in place that enabled me to develop as an individual. By taking advantage of these systems, my success rate has been high, but sometimes my level of maturity became too much for others. They saw it as encroachment.

Now, the first paragraph seems to be egotistical, but those who know, me understand that it’s not. Those who don’t know me, well, you will just have to trust me.

From my point of view, there have been people who were happy for my success and growth, but once it took them “out of the lime light” they became either jealous, spiteful, or threaten. The systems that were once in place were manipulated in order for me not to achieve a favorable outcome.  Some didn’t like my advancement because on the outside, it was made to look easy, but in reality, my ability to gain insight from every situation gave me the strength to achieve my goals.IMG_20170121_115636_433

Once the systems of growth were weakened, alternatives were used as a support system. For instance, my competitive nature deflected many of the personal attacks on me as a person. This was done by “staying ahead of the game” when communicating, planning, and interacting with my foes. Yeah, “foes” is a strong word, but at the time, that is exactly what those people were to me. By relating them to the “enemy”, it became easier to move into a direction that gave me a better understanding of my opponent.

The feeling of betrayal never entered my mind because the behaviors by others were seen as survival to me. My vision challenged the system in which they wanted protected, so the only answer, in their eyes, which is my opinion, was to discredit my individual actions. Now, on purpose, one incident has not been specified in this writing. This was done mainly because it has applied to a number of events in my life ranging from elementary school to the present date.

The difficult challenge of becoming an individual, as well as being respected develops from the struggle of  flourishing as a person. It becomes even more of an issue once others realize your accomplishments. My accomplishments are long and well deserving, but for me, they were just pieces of a puzzle to get to my current state of mind. Some will say this is a “blame game” blog post, but it’s not. Blame creates an excuse. What you have read is not an excuse, but more of my point of view.


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