SUSHI on the BGE

…. well, not really, but the “stuff” inside wawp-1486057626241.jpgs cooked on the Big Green Egg. Of course, the RICE was cooked in a rice cooker, but everything else, was done on the grill.
First of all, I grew squash and zucchini last summer, froze it, thawed it out, boiled it, then cooked it on the grill. With this, onions, asparagus, mushrooms, and carrots were added while cooking on a vegetable pan on the grill. Once all of the vegetables were nice and GRILLED, I let them cool in the refrigerator until it was time to cook the sushi rice. (cooked in the morning and ate at night)
Once it was time to fix the sushi, I put all of the vegetables in a FOOD PROCESSOR along with KALE, SPINACH, and SWISS CHARD. It was then mixed together to get the “filling” for the sushi rice.  After all of that, everything was ROLLED together to make my SUSHI!

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