Roasted Chick Peas on the BGE

While shopping at the grocery store, I passed by the PEANUTS in isle six because I knew I had some cans of CHICK PEAS at home. PEANUTS are my favorite snack, but like everyone else, I try to eat somewhat healthy. Sometimes it works, and other times it does not. Either way, I came home and made ROASTED CHICK PEAS on the BIG GREEN EGG.


Ingredients: can of chick peas, olive oil or avocado oil, and your favorite seasoning

Materials: bowl or plastic bag, non stick grill pan, strainer, paper towel, and a metal spoon


drain two cans of chick peas, and then rinse
dry with a paper towel
remove the shell
toss in olive oil or avocado oil with garlic, Old Bay, and or whatever you like
cook between 350 and 375 using indirect heat for 25 min
… the longer cooked, the crisper they will get!

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