“Behavior” 10.27.16

For those who have been reading, I would like to thank you. For those who just started following or reading the blog, I would like to give you a little background on me as an educator. I am entering my 21st year as an educator, and during this time, I have tried to keep a history of my teaching, but for a number of reasons, it has not been a success. This year, I have a motivator – it will be an objective for my evaluation. This will not be anything fancy, just a collection of events and thoughts of my day. Also, this will not be proofread, so hopefully you will not judge, but rather have a better understanding of my journey as an educator and person.

Rewarding positive behavior vs. not allowing negative behavior …. everyone has an answer, but is what is really working? All educators want to see students succeed and become productive citizens in life, but this is a difficult task for even the most trained educator.

Why do I say this? Well, because we still have crime in our society, we still have individuals who make poor decisions in their daily lives, and we still have uneducated people in the world. Of course, there are many variables that dictate a persons’ future, but for some reason, society thinks that educators are the one constant that should change the path of individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to help, and think educators play an important role in the lives of children and adults, but we can’t “fix” everything. The controversy of rewarding students for positive behavior or acknowledging their negative behavior has been going on since I was a kid. Most classroom management procedures work great in the CLASSROOM, and most school wide management procedures work great in the SCHOOL, but what happens when these students leave the confinements of the school.

They must adjust to new rules that, in most cases, don’t have reward systems, and if the procedure is not followed, then there will be a negative response.

Intrinsic motivation has to be the key for individuals who want and need to achieve a level of success. This is not an easy task, but it is what keeps lots of people going through the day, the month, and the years of life.

This is a topic that could be discussed for pages, but I’m not sure an answer will be derived from this post, but I do feel we all need to lean to creating atmospheres where people, especially students, do things because they are “the right thing” and not because they are looking for a reward.

What happens when the “reward” is not as big as the individual expectations? …. they will probably stop working or find another means to get approval. I don’t know, but I do know it’s a problem.

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