“Running in the Hall”9.29.16

For those who have been reading, I would like to thank you. For those who just started following or reading the blog, I would like to give you a little background on me as an educator. I am entering my 21st year as an educator, and during this time, I have tried to keep a history of my teaching, but for a number of reasons, it has not been a success. This year, I have a motivator – it will be an objective for my evaluation. This will not be anything fancy, just a collection of events and thoughts of my day. Also, this will not be proofread, so hopefully you will not judge, but rather have a better understanding of my journey as an educator and person.

Everyday I try to “perch” myself at the intersection of the hallway near the library. This is done for a couple of reasons:

1. To say “Hello” to everyone.
2. To keep the same kids from  running in the halls.

Of course there are the “fast walkers” …. the “skippers” …. but then you have the full blown “runners” who do the same thing day in and day out. They scan the hallway looking for adults, and then they are either running full steam, or they jog a little until they get into the clear. Not only is this behavior dangerous in their current situation, but I’m betting that they will be doing the same thing as adults when driving. There hasn’t been any research on this topic, but then again, maybe it has been. Either way, the job of standing in the hallway to prevent kids from running is always exciting.

Please don’t get the idea that I’m standing there with a STOP sign yelling at the kids. Positive reinforcement is always used, as well as an explanation of what could happen if two kids collide into each other. A constant use of examples, as well as lies, of stories about kids who where running in the hall are used as well. The funny thing is that the kids running are the ones who find school as an obstacle. They will run to the class just to be first, but then be the first ones to say who boring school is to them. So, in 10 years, they will be the same ones running red lights to get to work, and then say how they hate their jobs. Once again, there has not been a study, but then again, maybe there has been one.

The best part about standing at the corner of the hallway is that I get to tell more students “Hello” as well as be one of the first smiles they will see of the day.

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