“Give Kids a Camera”9.23.16

For those who have been reading, I would like to thank you. For those who just started following or reading the blog, I would like to give you a little background on me as an educator. I am entering my 21st year as an educator, and during this time, I have tried to keep a history of my teaching, but for a number of reasons, it has not been a success. This year, I have a motivator – it will be an objective for my evaluation. This will not be anything fancy, just a collection of events and thoughts of my day. Also, this will not be proofread, so hopefully you will not judge, but rather have a better understanding of my journey as an educator and person.

I have been using a camera in the library for a variety of reasons, but mainly to expose students to new technology. Students have done recordings of the following:

Interview questions
Book Reviews
“How to Do” activities
Book Readings
Student Behavior
…. there are more activities, but that may seem like “bragging”, which I’m not trying to accomplish!

The results of students using a camera has helped shaped my understanding of students and their talents. I have been able to see students take leadership roles, as well as become creative individuals while working with others. It has been a good experience for me as an educator, as well as for the students. Now, the funny thing is that I have been doing this since I started teaching. I remember having students create their own scenes from a piece of literature and recreate it using a camera. Oh yeah, this is “bragging.” Either way, students and a camera teaches skills beyond the book knowledge we, as educators, try to impose on students.

What I like the most about the camera is the fact that “it doesn’t lie” and students can learn from this concept. Good or bad, the camera will tell the truth, which is good to have when you have students who are timid, as well as when you have students who are in denial about their behavior.

So, find a camera, give it to a student, and watch them grow as individuals.


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