The Power of a Smile 9.8.16

For those who have been reading, I would like to thank you. For those who just started following or reading the blog, I would like to give you a little background on me as an educator. I am entering my 21st year as an educator, and during this time, I have tried to keep a history of my teaching, but for a number of reasons, it has not been a success. This year, I have a motivator – it will be an objective for my evaluation. This will not be anything fancy, just a collection of events and thoughts of my day. Also, this will not be proofread, so hopefully you will not judge, but rather have a better understanding of my journey as an educator and person.

Today was a better day than yesterday just because I was able to get back to my normal routine. I went through all of my classes without too many issues. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, really after school, that made me realize the power a teacher has on students. Of course, I have been teaching for some time, and I understand the effect my attitude and behavior has on students, but when someone tells you this, or you hear from an individual, it makes a difference. 

I was on my phone after school scrolling through my social media apps when I saw a Facebook notification. It was a notification from a parent of a student. This parent is one I have known for 13 years because she older kids that went to my school as well. The “gist” of the email read that her daughter had a great time in library. She mentioned how excited the daughter was to have Mr. Harrell. After I read this, I smiled of course first, then I remembered how much of an influence I have on people. Like I said before, I already knew this, but there is something about hearing it from others.  Once I replied with a “smiley face,” more people responded and liked the post. The entire post set off a chain reaction that gave others the opportunities to write about how their child as well was glad to see me in the library. It was rewarding to see that the students and parents found comfort in what I was doing as an educator. I used this opportunity to be thankful for the fact that I am a positive influence in the lives of others.

This entire scenario created a sense of motivation for me to make sure I created the “perfect” learning atmosphere for my students. I understood even more how powerful educators are to the community of school. Today was a good day, but hopefully, the future will bring even better days.


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