There was a Meeting – 8.30.16

Today was the official Faculty Meeting for our faculty and staff. This is one of the toughest days for teachers and administrators simply because everyone has other “stuff” to do during this time period. It’s important for a number of reasons, but for the most part, it brings everyone together so information about the upcoming school year can be disseminated. After this meeting, which was not long, I attended another meeting with the Leadership Team of the school building. This group of individuals are gathered together to hash out ideas and other topics about the school and learning environment. As you can see, educators like meetings. The overall purpose of meetings is to allow everyone the chance to express their concerns about a particular agenda, but in most cases, meetings would be more efficient if there were other platforms created to simulate the same outcome. I could talk about meetings a little longer, but that would defeat the purpose of this journal right now. I’m sure it will come up again. The two meetings that occurred today were tolerable and productive in terms of information being shared and topics being discussed.

Being a “morning person,” I would rather get my agenda out of the way first, but it doesn’t always work that way. So, by the end of the meetings, I still needed to work on my own “stuff” for the first student day, but my motivation was dwindling. It made it even more difficult when a grade level decided to meet in the library. Having a short attention span, as well as being easily distracted, I had a difficult time working on my own material for the library, especially, detailed items. So, in order to make the best out of the situation, I moved to the simple task of creating labels, folders, and other routine items needed for my classroom. I was able to work, but I didn’t feel like I utilized my time wisely.  Either way, I still have a few more days, and I feel like I work better under pressure. Now, tomorrow is going to be a long day out of the library, so maybe I should have done more today.

Overall feeling – satisfied!

“you will find errors in this writing because
I’m not proofreading it – it’s a journal, and that is all”

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