Back to Work – 8.29.16

I am entering my 21st year as an educator. This will be the first year that I keep a daily record of my teaching experiences. I have tried this experiment in the past, but for what ever reason, it didn’t work. I now have a motivator – it’s an objective for my evaluation. I am not sure how my future post will be painted on this canvas called WordPress, but hopefully, it will indicate my growth as an individual, as well as share a different perspective for the world of education.

This post is being written a day late, but I’m pretty sure that will happen frequently until I get myself on a routine. Yesterday was the first “teacher work day”. It proceeded in typical fashion – breakfast, meeting, conversation with colleges, and of course working on classrooms and plans. The first half of the day, I spent my time working with other teachers trying to figure out their needs, as well organizing my library. For the most part, I tried to do task oriented activities to keep myself sane. I didn’t worry too much about planning or other detailed tasks because of the natural, but good chaos, on the first day of work. The day proceeded faster than I expected, but that was probably because of the excitement of getting ready for the first student day next week. Throughout the day, I was able to observe many teachers, working like bees to make the perfect bee hive, get their classrooms ready for themselves, as well as for the students. I tried my best to speak to all of the teachers and other staff in the building. The purpose of this task was to “catch up” with everyone, as well as to see if they needed anything from the library or me before the first day. Overall, I felt the day was productive for the most part.  Some statements that stood out to me during the day were the following:

“Why are you arguing?” was a question asked to
me while having a discussion about an educational scenario.

“Thanks for the help?” was a response given to me while working with a teacher.

“Here we go again!” was another response shared
with me while having a conversation with a colleague.

“Why are we doing that?” was a question I overheard while walking in the hallway.

“It really helps my kids when I am a little more flexible
with assignments.” was an answer given to one teacher from another.

Hopefully, in future posts, I will expand on statements like I have given above, but for now, I am trying to make sure I get current with my posts. I’m pretty sure this daily writing will only get better, but it will not advance to that state until I am able to write everyday on the current day.Like I said earlier, a typical first day of school for educators. I left the school building not thinking about the tasks I didn’t complete, but more about what I did accomplish, as well as how I would finish the rest of my “to do list” over the next few days between meetings, conversations, planning, and other duties.

“you will find errors in this writing because
I’m not proofreading it – it’s a journal, and that is all”


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