Simple Living 

the thought of buying a bike … the thought of not buying a bike … the thought of going from place to place … the thought of not going from place to place … the reality of having my own entertainment … the reality of entertainment costing money … the ability to live day to day thinking about riding my bike … the lack of ability to understand the freedom of riding a bike … sometimes you only understand an experience through the simple pleasure of acting on the experience … glad there was a thought … glad there was a reality … glad there was the ability, and glad there was the experience … life has changed because of a simple decision to act upon a thought … the rest is here for you to finish!

A Simple Task with Meaning


wp-1469544267970.jpgIt always starts off empty
then it begins, one by one

berry by berry, your bucket
begins to swell with blueberries

the excitement of finding more
berries on each stem of the
blueberry plant intensifies

it becomes a challenge
it becomes calming
it becomes your mission

filling up the empty bucket is
the simplest form of a task

your task allows you to become a competitor with the plant. you start looking for the biggest berries while overlooking the smaller ones. the heat begins to create a sense of urgency, and the bugs flying around your ears become a nuisance. you quickly scan other plants in the row, but you are determined to finish picking the blueberry plant in front of you. berries are falling out of your bucket, which means you are close to accomplishing your goal. it happens, you have a full bucket of blueberries. you walk away with the pleasure of knowing you were not defeated. you grab another empty bucket and repeat the task over and over again.