Create Student Centered Learning Stations

Throughout my teaching career, my ability to develop “learning spaces” has enabled my students to feel a certain level of comfortableness, as well as allowing them to grow as individuals depending on their learning ability. Creating these spaces, or “student centered learning stations” started early in my teaching career when working with 9th and 10th grade students.  By adapting to my teaching material, trends in education, and being observant to individual learning styles, my classes, either at the high school level or elementary school level have been productive learning environment.

We all have our own unique ways of managing our classroom and our students, but once an educator becomes deliberate in their teaching style and objectives, students become the “worker bees” and the teacher becomes the facilitator of those hard working students.

Create Student Learning Stations looks like this:

1. Students know and understand the established rules and objectives in the
2. Students feel comfortable sharing information, cooperating with each other,
     and seem confident in particular activities.
3. The teacher is able constantly monitoring student progress and observing the
interactions between students in terms of their relationships with others.
4. Students are working at their own pace and building knowledge from previous
activities and information.
5. There is a consistent, but flexible rubric in place for students to keep track of
their progress as learners.
6. The room looks chaotic, but in reality, there is a systematic routine occurring
      daily in the classroom setting. 

Many of you reading this have seen this in your own classroom or in the classroom of others, so these six characteristics are the norm. Now, add a technology component or a means of students being engaged by social media or other communication application, and you have 21st Century Student Learning Stations. As educators, we all know the importance of students learning and engaging at the appropriate level, but by creating “learning spaces” for our digital future, we are creating leaders of the future, as well as enabling our students to become independent learners.

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