Corruption is EVERYWHERE

How I see it … corruption is in every organization known to mankind. I know many people want to see the “good in everything”, but the more television that I watch, and that goes as far as about an hour a day right before I put my head down to rest, people are living corrupt lives, which have a direct effect on others. Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I do try to “do the right thing”.

Greed, power, and politics seem to be the foundation of corruption. Of course, there are other factors, but these three see to be the ones that get the highest attention. I used the word organization earlier, and I do mean every organization from cooperate america to the locally owned farmer’s market. This corruption may not be obvious, but in the long run, it all seems to spill out into the lives of people we know or people we admire.

How I see it … corruption will always be around, but we need more people to be aware of what it looks like, even in disguise. If we have more people able to describe the face of corruption, then maybe there will be a little less in the years to come, but once again, it will always be there because of greed, power, and politics … have a good weekend without corruption.

A Little COMPOST Goes Far

composssHow I see it …. we have been growing berries for the last nine years, but we have really been able to increase our yield over the last four years. The biggest reason is because we moved to a mountain “staycation” that has five acres that has allowed us to increase our berry rows, as well as our garden. We have always used COMPOST, but over the last few years, we have rummaged around, asked around, traded with others, and bought more compost to help fertilize the berries.

This past December was the first time we purchased a significant amount of COMPOST. Our thinking is that it will produce better fruit in the spring and summer. The compost is mainly trees mulch, but it is so fine, one wouldn’t even know it came from a tree company … matter of fact, we even did some landscaping near our house with a few scoops.

So, How I See It …. we are going to keep searching the earth looking for COMPOST, as well as making our own to make sure our berries grow up to be excellent adult berries.